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Like many other photographers of my generation I was introduced to the magic of photography by my father.  He was an avid amateur who went to regular meetings of the Winnipeg Camera Club.  He even won a first place in a competition judged by Ansel Adams no less.  At around 7 or 8 I was handed a Kodak Brownie 120 box camera.  I still have it.  The images I took on a family trip through the Canadian Rockies were eerily like the images I make now.  Maybe I haven't gotten any better in the last 50 years.

Fast forward through school yearbooks, college newspaper, local newspaper, advertising / commercial photography, stock photography and finally end up at fine art photography.  50 years of learning, honing, taking my bumps and I still feel I have a long way to go.  Fortunately my photography students think I have it all figured out (I don't). As an artist I like many in the art world are riddled with feelings of inadequacy.  It's what keeps us striving for the best image we can create.  Humble artists are much nicer to be around than those that think they are on top of the world anyway.

For those that are impressed by such things I should mention I have been published in various magazines such as Black and White Photography (UK) and B&W Magazine (US).  My images have been in to many shows to mention and also hang in several private collections.

I teach a photography course called Visual Awakenings.  This course is geared to both beginners and serious amateurs.  The course is generally taught over a 6 week period, one night per week and includes student assignments.  It can also be taught over one very intense weekend.  The fee is $650/pp and includes a book written by me.  Darkroom courses are also taught and can cover everything from the very basic to sophisticated darkroom professional techniques.

I also organize and lead photography group trips all over the world.  The latest one was to Turkey.  What a stunning country!  I plan on taking another group there very soon.  Other destinations have been Malaysia, Indonesia, Central America, The South Pacific and the Caribbean.  Get on my mailing list to insure you get all the latest information.

The photographers who have influenced me the most over the years have been a wide variety.  Edward Weston, Bourke-White, Brandt, Friedlander, Kertesz, Mapplethorpe, Barnbaum, Kirby and Sexton are the mainstays.

Photography has not always been my primary occupation.  As an artist I too have been faced with the inevitable bills at the end of the month.  Fortunately I have an education in IT and telecommunications that has afforded me the ability to pursue my art.

Many of the images you see here are for sale.  All prints will be made to current archival standards.  Most black and white images will be printed in a traditional darkroom using silver gelatin papers and selenium toned for permanence.

All images contained with in this site are my own, copyright 2012 Eric Rose, please retain credits.  Licensing rates are available.

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